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Operational Excellence comes as an urgent need to align the efforts of everyone in an Organization in order to create the right understanding of the purpose of the business.  

To define Operational Excellence, we need for the whole population to understand their vital participation in that process. Everyone must perceive the ownership and co-responsibility that Operational Excellence implies.  

The Upper Management layer needs to face serious transformation in their criteria. No longer is it enough just focusing on Lean Processes for the enterprise to survive. The Market is changing, and so is everything in our environment. Our focus needs to be "The Customer." In order to achieve business success we need to become highly effective in providing our market with the products they are demanding that are possible to manufacture or assemble in our plant, or to market through our current or modified Marketing infrastructure.  

Continuous Improvement has for some time been the main concern for entrepreneurs. Still, some of them have faced such violent changes in the market that their products are falling off the favor of customers. Technologies and inventions are pushing at high speed and most of the time this fact produces unpleasant surprises. An efficient factory is obsolete and useless if the customer no longer needs their product. 

The Operational Excellence model creates a new vision: Everyone in the enterprise must clearly view the process of satisfying customers’ requirements associated with their function in at work. People must reach such a level of ownership in their workstation either in administrative or production tasks, that they can clearly see how the value flows and grows at each step, assuring that this process keeps going in the value chain. At the same time they all must be prepared, empowered, and motivated to respond proactively to solve any possible interruption or delay in that flow. Teams must be highly performing at all times without the need for a manager or leader to intervene. This definition of Operational Excellence requires a high level of commitment from everyone and a strong Culture of Cooperation and Ownership. 

Operational Excellence is an ambitious goal, and each action must be oriented towards achievement of that optimal enterprise. 

Operational Excellence applies to every level and every person in the organization, from executives all the way down to the employees producing the product. We at MORA Global Consulting have been helping our customers advance in that direction all the time. The results are measurable at each step of the journey. The Management task is simplified and Leaders can focus on the creativity and research necessary to utilize their resources optimally. 

We will be glad to help you and your organization!  

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