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We have devoted Thousands of hours to bring together all the information that we believe will be useful to you. We make all the effort possible to keep the most current and truthful content, and welcome your comments and input to keep continuously improving these sites.  


The Global Competitive Atmosphere has created the need for everyone in the Organization to contribute their talents. OpEx or Operational Excellence is the Method to align every individual in the right direction to Achieve the Goal. 

  Lean Expertise
Today, the Lean Culture is focused on the daily evolution of the needs and the achievements, as well as the Technology advancements. We all must constantly adjust to these changes in order to remain competitive. Our experience comes from the multiple projects that we develop for our customers all over the World. The diverse industries and cultures that our customers have given us the opportunity to serve, have been the forge where we shape and sharpen our skills to better serve you.

  Papa Kaizen
One of our first approaches to our Hands-On Implementation style with many great and very valuable experiences that we bring to our clientele as rich resources to apply into their progress.

TPM on Line
The Founder Website in our Organization is still the most read from all over the world. So many people have contributed to enrich its content, we could not count them. We thank you all!

  Management Through Leadership
Doubtlessly, Leadership is The Ingredient for successful implementation of all the Lean Disciplines. It is an endless subject and for all these years we keep learning. Initially it was the Dale Carnegie influence along with the admired Steve Covey, Earl Nightingale, Napoleo Hill, Wayne Dyer, and a handful of other generous thinkers. Today there are hundreds of valuable role models on this continuously growing and evolving science of Leadership. We actually promote this subject in most of our projects because the results are awesome.

Evento Kaizén
Dedicado a nuestros lectores y visitantes de habla hispana, este sitio contiene cientos de traducciones y artículos originales en español. Esto nos permite estar en contacto con ese importante sector en la economía mundial.

PAS 55 on Line
Constantly adopting the new developments is important to provide our customers with Higher Reliability in their Critical Assets. PAS 55 establishes a new perspective to assure the continuity of Operations.
The New ISO 55000 Standard is the correct aproach to this crescent need.

Premium Electric Vehicles
This Website is dedicated to the technological advances in Transportation that will eventually make it more efficient and ecologically friendly.

Green Bay WI Info
My adoptive Hometown, the American Community of Green Bay. This page is in the making...

You Are Your Best
Self-Esteem is at the core of our personality. This Website is a remembrance of my Radio Talk-Show "Let us be Better People" which for 7 years in a row was highly rated and awarded.

Enrique Mora.com
This is our Compilation of the decades of experience.

MORA Global Consultants
Our proprietary sponsor.


The Globe is Flat!