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What Great Thinkers were the
Toyodas and Team!



We know this already… every activity in the TPS-Toyota Production System which is the Father of Lean Manufacturing, gravitates on Two Key Concepts or Pillars.

These are very Easy to understand:

Toyota's 2 Pillars

Just in Time and Quality at the Source 


These two ideas were brought together not only by Toyota, but all the other Japanese auto-makers. It would have been impossible without these two concepts, for them to bring their products to America and the rest of the World with such success, with the top quality and competitive prices. Today it is practically impossible to see a working plant of any kind where there is not at least some level of Lean Implementation.

These two magnificent principles apply to any activity we can think of. Just a little imagination and we will discover that whatever the process or type of work, if we assure the timeliness of supplies and completion, and each individual within the action is knowledgeable and responsible for the quality of the results, the success is the only expected outcome.

The combination of these is a very strong system that will keep working for Centuries, no doubt. When my customers, who already have made many improvements and enjoyed the results, ask me…

What is Next!

My answer is:

*    Keep these two concepts in continuous growth

*    Take them to the optimal expression that you can think of

*    Educate and train your teams every single day

*    Develop the leadership to sustain that growth

*    Optimize the empowerment

*    Develop the Leadership Skills

NONE of the Above has a Limit!

It is unbelievable how the detection of new opportunities turns easier all the time, as you get everyone involved in a new higher level of accountability and participation in the Thinking Process of your Organization. This is a mandatory process for everyone who has survived the violent transition and wants to keep succeeding in the years to come.

An experienced consulting service can help you discover the way to put your evolution in “Automatic Pilot” so your teams keep developing the spirit of progress, which has No END!

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