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How did we help a Mexican Corrugated Cardboard plant reach a World Record in Waste Reduction?

There has been a continuous advancement for the two years since the Project started to implement the Kaizen Culture. The most important Mexican Agro Industrial Complex integrated in their group a corrugated cardboard plant to supply their own egg boxes. They produce (with their chickens’ cooperation of course), tens of millions eggs per day.

Originally the purpose was to provide the boxes for eggs only, now their capacity has grown to the point they can manufacture boxes for other of their own products and for some customers as well.

They also produce their own balanced feed in the largest specialized facility in Latin America. This plant supplies for their chickens, pigs, and cows.

The Human Resource

They have an impressive human team. These proud team players have a common vision and mission for cooperation and excellence. Their pride has several reasons:

  • They are one of, (or the) cleanest and most productive plant in their industry worldwide.
  • They are a self-directed team with internal leadership.

The System

From the beginning, the team has been educated and trained in Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Analysis. We have had classroom sessions and “on the floor” daily meetings at the end of each shift. They discuss any issues/problems they might have experimented that day. Then they determine what the root cause of the issue(s) was and decide the actions that will prevent reoccurrence.   Each of those actions will have at least one “responsible owner” and a Deadline. Everything that is discussed and agreed is recorded in the daily report that one of the team members writes each day, and it is sent to the manager and corporate group.

There is a daily “handmade” graph and they take turns to draw it. There is also a “live in real-time” computerized system that keeps all the members up to the minute of what is happening.

The daily interaction and the emphasis on cross-training keep the team members motivated and engaged.

Interestingly enough:

  • Their manager only gets involved in administrative tasks.
  • The operation is completely team-owned.
  • No one in the team had any knowledge of Lean, Kaizen, or Root Cause Analysis before September of 2009.
  • Rewards and Recognition are constantly present, sponsored by theire Corporate management.


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