Leaders need to Earn their Team's Cooperation!  We Listen to you for producing our videos

Our No-Cost-To-You Consulting Policy  

One day an executive in California asked me:  

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?  

My answer was a clear YES! 

Consulting is not about promises but rather delivery.  In every project we see, and always have, an opportunity to help companies perform better and become more productive and competitive. Only when improvement happens can we, (you and us), consider our job done. We have seen this happen once and again, Hundreds of times. That Fact builds our satisfaction.  

Winston Churchill established:
“No matter how good the Strategy,
you should occasionally Look at the Results!” 

How can You Benefit from
“Consulting at No Cost to You”? 

1.    When we deliver Consulting Services, we put into play our experience of 30+ years 

2.       With your and your team’s cooperation and support we assess your operation to make sure we draft the right Strategic Plan derived from the First Assessment of our Consulting Service  

3.       You will be able to Measure the immediate Benefits from any improvement that we put in place 

4.       Until today the minimum expectation of what you can get is never less than 200% yearly ROI, though some projects have rendered Thousands% yearly returns 

5.       We have always guaranteed that you get that minimum of 200% ROI or we give you back what you paid for our consulting services 

6.       We offer referrals and testimonials from our multiple happy customers 

7.       In more than 30 years nobody has ever asked for a refund 

If You and Your Organization are Serious about
finding the Opportunities to adopt: 


A.      World Class Maintenance 

B.      Leadership Development 

C.      Advanced 21st Century Lean Manufacturing 

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